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How bodyweight training can help you lose weight fast
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A good combination of fitness and nutrition, with the goal of living a healthy lifestyle is ideal, even though it may seem daunting.

If your goal is to lose weight, there are plenty of factors and approaches you need to consider. A commonly overlooked way to burn fat and lose those extra pounds is to focus on bodyweight training and conditioning.

Benefits of bodyweight training

The greatest advantage of bodyweight training is its distinction from machine exercising; it allows you to get in a similar workout without the rigour of weights and machines. A lot of people complain about gyms being intimidating, so this is a perfect way to burn fat and improve overall fitness away from prying eyes.

It combines cardio exercises with strength training based on your body weight, meaning you build your muscles while also boosting your metabolism. An intense workout session will burn that fat fast, leaving you feeling invigorated for hours to come.

Typically, bodyweight training incorporates a range of individual exercises like squats, lunges and variations of planking. A good training regimen incorporates a section of all these, so it is a full body workout, as opposed to focusing on a specific body part.

From a practical standpoint, bodyweight training increases your core strength, makes you more flexible and improves posture and balance. This is because it engages all your muscles as you exercise. It forces you to utilise your full range of motion, helping loosen up your joints and get the blood flowing better. If you have better understanding and control of your muscles, it stands to reason that you will be more aware of things like posture and balance, too.

Personalizing bodyweight training

An ideal way to do it is to set aside any period of time within the day and go through sets of increasing difficulty. These can be personalized down to short bursts of a few minutes, and spaced out by a rest day. While there are hundreds of different individual exercises, they all stem from the same set of around ten movements. They include squats, lunges, rows, push-ups, pull-ups, hinge motions, walking and rotation. Because of this variety, you can customize bodyweight training to your strength level. As a beginner, you can start out with short sets of push-ups, lunges and squats, and then once you’re comfortable and your body has adjusted to it, you can increase the number of sets or the difficulty of the exercises.

Consider, however, that bodyweight exercises need to be combined with proper diet. On their own, these exercises may not yield immediate results. But if you burn calories while doing them and also eat a bit less and more healthy, then the effect will be remarkable.

One great way to combine diet and exercise is by using WunderBody. This is an app that integrates over 260 exercises and over 200 workouts, including specialized workouts for women, while also allowing the users to find a range of over 200 healthy recipes to help attain their goal.

What you can do is focus on burning fat and conditioning your body to be stronger, leaner and faster, not to mention more flexible.

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