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Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout Routine? Avoid These Push-up Mistakes
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The Push-up is a fast, effective and inexpensive full body exercise that helps to build a better, leaner and stronger body. When performing a push-up, you not only exercise your chest, but also every muscle in your body, including your back, arms, and abs. In order to prevent injuries and improve results, it’s crucial to perform the push-up with the correct posture and form. Here are the two main mistakes to avoid if you want to reap all the great benefits of push-ups.

Spread Elbows

Flaring your elbows out wide is a common mistake most beginners make. It may seem easier to do a push-up spreading the elbows but in fact, you’ll just put extra strain on your elbows, wrists, and shoulders, thereby increasing the risk of injury. Instead, you should keep your arms aligned to your body with your elbows pointing backwards. Performing push-ups with the correct elbow position, you’ll improve the movement quality and build the tricep long head.

If you find it hard to do a push-up as recommended, try to imagine that you are pushing somebody forward. Usually, when you push somebody or something, you put your elbows close to your upper body. Well, that is exactly how you should be doing push-ups during your gym session.

Not Engaging Your Core

A push-up is an excellent exercise for your midsection but if you let hips sag or your back arch, it won’t work. Moreover, if your core is not engaged, you will put unnecessary pressure on your lower back and intervertebral discs, which can lead to disc herniations and bulges. To prevent this, make sure your core is engaged and your back is straight. Your body should be one straight line – like when your planking.  

If you struggle to keep your body in a straight line, try tucking your pelvis. This should help you.

Also, you can improve your position and core engagement with a knee push-up. If you still struggle with having the right form, try the following method:

Place a water bottle or something similar between your knees and squeeze them together. By holding the bottle between your knees, you activate your obliques and postural muscles that help maintain your body in a stable position. Such a simple exercise will enable you to learn to engage your core and master the perfect push-up.

To achieve visible results, do push-ups regularly and correctly – even if you struggle at first. The right technique and your hard work will not only sculpt your body but also make you much stronger.

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