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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Lack of this Powerful Nutrient Can Be Detrimental to Your Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

Getting enough protein in your diet is a big part of healthy eating. If you fail to get your recommended amount of protein, there are many areas where your health will be lacking.

If you are worried that you aren’t getting enough protein each meal, there are easy ways to find out. You will begin to see some clear signs by the way you feel and the way you look. Here are the telltales of the need to up your protein intake:

  • You’re a Ravaging Hungry Beast – Protein is an important part of a balanced meal because it helps you to feel satiated. Protein is digested slower than other nutrients, keeping your body feeling full for longer. You can go hours without feeling hungry when you eat a meal rich in protein.

Go with a meal that is made up of mostly carbs and you’ll be raiding the fridge again in no time. Keeping protein as the bulk of your meal will get you full faster and keep you full longer.

  • You Look and Feel Weak – Protein is the source of amino acids for your body. If you don’t eat enough protein, guess where your body will start looking for their amino acid source? Your muscle tissues.

If you notice that your muscles are starting to dwindle or you are exercising regularly but can’t seem to build any muscle, chances are, you don’t fuel your body with enough muscle building protein.

The higher muscle content there is in your body, the higher your metabolism is and the more your body turns into a calorie burning furnace. So, getting enough protein in your diet will not only help with muscle gain but also with weight loss.

  • You Wake Up Tired – Protein plays an important part in the consistent energy levels in your body. A lack of protein will cause dips and periods of fatigue throughout the day. Feeling sluggish? Time to up the protein in your diet.
  • Your Immune System is Shot – If it seems like you just got over a cold and now you are dealing with the flu, you might need to consider eating more protein. Protein builds up your immune system by increasing the amount of T cells in your blood, which act like germ fighting soldier cells.
  • You Notice Excess Hair Loss – If you are worried by the amount of hair that is falling out, noticeable more than usual, it might be because you aren’t getting enough protein, especially if its paired with some of the other signs listed above. Protein nourishes your hair follicles and without enough in your diet, you won’t have any new hair growth and you could even see many hairs start to fall out.
  • You Notice Swelling Where There Usually Isn’t – Another big clue to a protein deficiency is a puffiness or swelling in different areas of the body. The body will start to retain water, causing bloating to occur, when you don’t have enough protein to keep the water inside the arteries and not out into the tissues.

Are you reading through this and shaking your head, like “Yeah, yup, uh huh…I’m definitely not getting enough protein!”? There’s a simple fix. If you are a man, in average you need to be eating 56 grams of protein each day, more if you regularly exercise. If you are a woman, you should be aiming for 46 grams each day, in average, more if you regularly exercise. Keep meeting your daily protein needs by eating balanced meals and you’ll start to feel yourself again.

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