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5 reasons why bodyweight training is the perfect solution for busy women
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Do you often put of going to the gym because it seems inconvenient? Either it’s too far away, or you don’t want to go during peak times, or you simply don’t feel comfortable going? Being a busy woman, whether it’s work or the kids that are filling up your schedule, can make it hard to find the time to hit the gym or even dedicate some time to yourself. We have a simple solution: bodyweight training. Here are 5 reasons that highlight the benefits of working out with a bodyweight app:

1. The comfort of working out anywhere, anytime

The freedom to be able to work out at any hour of the day, in any setting, can be a real time-saver especially for women who are constantly on the go. With all the hundreds of tasks you have to juggle, squeezing in a workout whenever it fits can feel so liberating instead of having to plan yet another thing. Save yourself the trip to the gym and all the worrying about opening times – simply work out from home, your workplace, the outdoors, or even on trips! You can’t be motivated to go leave the house on cold winter days? Simply work out from home. Whether it’s while your kids are taking a nap or during your lunch break at work, there are no limits.  

2. No equipment needed

The great and handy thing about bodyweight training is that it focuses on using your bodyweight as equipment and nothing else! Forget all the barbells, exercise benches and kettlebells, the only equipment you need is you. Not only is that a great money-saver because you don’t need to worry about storing and buying your gear, but you can go ahead and cancel that costly gym membership that you’ve been paying monthly and using to little anyway because you didn’t find the appropriate time to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

3. Time-saving

We all value our time, which is why it’s sometimes hard for us to want to spend any free time we have in the gym. Good news though, bodyweight training saves you that extra time you’d spend with your trip to the gym, waiting on equipment because someone else is using it and having to schedule your workout during its opening times! A bodyweight workout takes you around half an hour on average, but you can choose out of various different lengths in our Wunderbody app, so it can match your available time just right.  So if you cherish your free time but would also like to keep yourself fit and achieve your fitness goals on a schedule, this is the most time efficient way to keep a balance and have the best of both worlds.

4. Cardio and toning all in one

You’re worried you won’t get the results you want with bodyweight training? Rest assured that bodyweight training can be just as efficient as working out at the gym. Bodyweight workouts provide you a balance of burning fat while simultaneously toning up your muscles. So if you’re dreaming of becoming leaner, having a nice toned butt and a flat stomach, don’t hesitate to try it out! The WunderBody app even provides you with the possibility of choosing which muscle group you’d like to focus on when choosing your workout. Your body will thank you later!

5. Working out with friends

Working out with a friend can, not only provide you with more motivation and determination to kick through your workout, but be more fun at the same time! Whether it’s with your colleague at work or a family member at home, working out as a group can make you feel more excited and like you’re spending quality time together at the same time. So grab your closest friend and challenge yourselves to a workout together!

These are just a few of the benefits and highlights of bodyweight training and how much easier it can be to incorporate a healthy fitness routine in a busy lifestyle. Keeping physically fit will result in better mental health too, which will make easier to tackle your busy days – and with bodyweight training you really can have it all!

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