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4 Tips for Beginners to Succeed
Training & Fitness

So, you want to get healthy but all the information out there confuses you…

We live in an age of abundant information, so much so that the right information gets lost in the haze and the weird and wonderful rises to the surface. “Carbs are good, carbs are bad”; “Use heavy weights, use light weights”, “Don’t eat after certain times, eat whenever you want!” – so much conflicting information and so many voices. It’s enough to drive anyone mad!

We were once just like you. Confused, frustrated and getting lost in the ocean of information out there. We’ve made the mistakes but pushed our way through to clarity and found success. We want to give you our top four tips, based on mistakes that we’ve learned from. We hope that this will help you take your health to the next level!

Tip #1 : Variety is the spice of life!

One of the most common mistakes is to repeat gym routine every day you go to the gym.

Not to say that this is bad per se, exercise is still exercise, but if you want to drive change and see your body, health and performance continue to change and improve, you have to add variety; be that in your movements,  the intensity you work at or even how often you train!

Adding variety to your exercise schedule will also help you stay motivated. No one wants to go to the gym and do the same old boring workout every time.  Exercise should be fun, and throwing in a new movement in or changing your rep scheme or whatever else you may choose to do will have you craving more of the wonderful drug that is called exercise.

Tip #2 : Avoid too much cardio!

Cardio trainings are almost every beginner’s “safe zone”. Cardio is by no means a bad option but if you want to really see changes in your body shape, and develop an athletic, toned physique, then restricting your workout to the cardio will have you stuck in a rut.

Incorporating a mix of bodyweight movements and resistance training will really help you develop the physique you’re craving. All the A-list celebrities, from J-Lo to Beyonce, all do some form of calisthenics (body weight exercise) and/or resistance training, giving them that strong, toned, athletic look.

The beauty of having a mixed approach to training is that the high intensity resistance based activity will not only give you a more desirable physique but also help you burn more calories over time! Calorie burn after high intensity activity lasts for several days after the initial training session. The resulting development of lean muscle will burn a lot more calories compared to body fat, making you look and feel better but also helping you burn away any excess fat: a win-win situation!

The WunderBody app-integrated intelligent training coach creates a personalized training plan based on your goals and needs, giving you the “best of both worlds” and helping you achieve a red-carpet worthy body to be proud of!

Tip 3# : Food is thine medicine, not thine enemy

Calories are not little monsters that live inside food with the sole purpose of making you fat. They fuel our bodies to perform and thrive. Heavily restricting calories is a mistake many of us make. You think “the lower they are, the quicker this will happen!”, which is true, to a degree, but the opposite might happen in the end.

The more severely we restrict our calorie intake, the sooner and more aggressively our body fights back. Our metabolism decreases and energy expenditure through activity is reduced, making it much harder to shift that excess body fat!

For some people, extreme deficits work best. Others prefer a conservative calorie deficit, one that allows for fat loss but also enables us to eat the foods we love to keep us on track. Some find that this is the best, most sustainable option.

Keeping a track of your calories through food diary applications can be a huge help! If you don’t know how much you’re taking in, it’s hard to grasp how much you need to restrict to lose weight. The WunderBody app comes with a long list of diet friendly, health boosting recipes that will not only fit into your daily calorie intake, but also help you fit into those new jeans you’ve been eyeing up!

Tip 4# : It’s your life, go at your own pace

We’ve all seen the “fitspo” transformations: “I lost 140 lbs in 6 months!” These transformations on social media, in the press or even people you know, can push you to insanity! We believe that many people lose sight of the journey and or story behind these great changes and use extreme approaches to achieve goals faster only to have a “story” of their own.

We at WunderBody believe in a sustainable approach; in making lifelong changes. Using an extreme approach for two weeks, and then falling back into your old habits because it’s not sustainable, won’t give you the results you want. In some cases these approaches may end up doing more harm than good, both for your physical and mental health!

Our pro tip? Find a way of training you enjoy, find a diet you can follow long-term and set yourself some realistic short-term goals that act as checkpoints along the way to your future long-term goals.

If you want to lose weight, set a realistic goal like “I want to lose 4 lbs this month” or “I want to train three times this week”, rather than “I want to lose 100lbs”, which may be unrealistic depending the time frame, your body size etc. and you haven’t even developed the habits yet that will drive you towards it.

This is why people love WunderBody. We combine all these approaches, from sustainable exercise to setting realistic goals, to best assist you on your own personal journey. We’re here to help you live a healthy life and love every second of the journey!


  • Use variety and challenge with workouts
  • Cardio is great but it shouldn’t be your entire training program
  • Be kind with your calories
  • It’s your journey; take it one sustainable step at a time

Welcome to WunderBody, we can’t wait to see you succeed!

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